Rübner Ancestors


Before the introduction of a common German orthography in the mid-19th century the Rübner name could be spelled Rubener, Rübener, Rubner, Rübner, Ruebner, and Riebner, in Latin Rubnerus, Rübnerus, and Ruebnerus. Also, the forms Rübnerin and Rübnerova can be seen for female members. In present day’s Argentina it is orthographed Rybner, a spelling which can also been found in Denmark, and in Israel  normally Ribner.


 The name comes from German “Rube/Rübe” which means a turnips or swede. It must have been given to a man who either produced or more likely has sold this kind of vegetables. This interpretation of the name is confirmed by the fact that the below mentioned Liborius Rübner had a brother Johann, vicar to Saalberg near Mühlhausen in the second haft of the 16th century, who called himself Rapander (from Latin “rapum”: turnips) and that Margrethe Rübner, a sister to the later mentioned Johanne Elisabeth Rübner, had three turnips in her seal.


The first persons with the name Rübner lived in Ash and Eger in the Sudetenland (now As and Cheb in Checkia) about 1362. However, my line of ancestors can only be traced back to the town Mühlhausen in Thuringen in the first haft of 16th century. Although Rübner/Rubner is a Jewish name, all my ancestors were Lutherans.



1. Kaare Rübner Jörgensen

(see biography)


2. Aage Rübner Jörgensen

He was born May 30, 1915, in Skanderborg and died August 29, 1943, in Korsör. After having left school he became a sailor and was twice around the world with the Swedish-Finnish shipowner Gustav Eriksson's barks. Later he was educated as a shipmaster. After military servide he studied at the Royal Navy Academy and became an officer. When he died he was first lieutenant and second-in-command on the mineswepper "Hajen".




He married Inge Jörgensen, born March 15,

1917, in Copenhagen, and died August 5, 1985, in Copenhagen. After his death she worked as a secretary

for navy officers at Holmen, Copenhagen. They had two sons.



3. Ottilia Rübner-Petersen

She was born August 8, 1885, in Skanderborg, and died March 6, 1979, in Skärbäk. Teacher at Skärbäk Private School.



1952                                       1952


She married July 29, 1911, Rasmus Hjere Nicolai

Jörgensen, born July 6, 1884, at Stige, and died January  21, 1956, in Skärbäk. He was a teacher at Skanderborg Private School and Bogö Boarding School and from 1919 to 1951 headmaster at Skärbäk Private School, the first Danish school in North Schleswig since 1864. They had sex children.



Skärbäk Private School about1920 (to the right).



4. Johannes Thinghuus Rübner-Petersen

He was born January 9, 1859 , at Örting, and died March 18, 1932, at Gram. Farmer and owner of “Raslund” near Skanderborg 1884-1902, and later milkman in Skanderborg.





He married September 12, 1884, Johanne Frederikke Andersen, born December 3, 1860 on Ringkloster,

and died September 12, 1903, in Skanderborg. They had nine children.



5. Jørgen Christian Leonhard Rübner Petersen

He was born December 23, 1827, at Hejlskov and died February 12, 1892, at Janderup. He passed the exam in theology at Copenhagen University 1853 and was a teacher in Horsens 1853-1855. Hereafter chaplan to his father at Örting 1855-1860 and to Ormslev 1860-1866. Vicar to Aastrup 1866-1874, and to Janderup 1874-1892.


He married July 31, 1857,  Emilie Luise Ottilia Tinghuus, born May 29, 1830, at Kattrup, and died March 4, 1878 at Janderup. After her death he married February 24 1880, Elma Laura Magdalene Sparrevohn, born September 4, 1858, at Sneum, and died February 5, 1895, at Hjerting. He had five children with his first wife and one with his second. 



6. Johanne Elisabeth Rübner

She was born November 18, 1805, in Aalborg, and died November 16, 1845, at Hejlskov in connection with the birth of her 9th child. 


From 1815 to 1820 she was educated at the Hernhute boarding school at Christiansfeld. 




     1837                                            1837


She married May 22, 1826, Peter Christian Petersen, born June 13, 1791, in Horsens, and died April 12, 1860, at Örting. Vicar to Örslevkloster 1825-1846, and to Örting 1847-1860.


For him his wife's death was a tragedy, and he missed her so much that he made an exhumation of her body six months later in order "to see her sweet and lovely features again" (according to family tradition). Her stone can still be seen at the churchyard of Örslevkloster.

They had eleven children, three of whose were stillborn or died shortly after birth.



7. Christian Leonhard Rübner

He was born January 15, 1765, in Flensburg, and died November 23, 1808, in Aalborg. 


He was an apprentice in his uncle Henrik Rübner's pharmacy in Aalborg and passed the exam in pharmacology at the Univerity of Copenhagen  in 1798. As Henrik Rübner was a bachelor, he made him his heir, and thus at his death December  10, 1798, he inherited the Swan pharmacy in Aalborg ("Jens Bang's Stenhus").


He married April 25, 1800, Lucie Wissing, born June 5, 1780, in Copenhagen, and died September 1, 1825, in Aalborg. They had five children, four of these survived their parents.




By his uncle's death he inherited his large library which he augmented by new acquisitions. He was a collector of coins, too. After his death in 1808 both his books (1902 titles, about 3000-3500 volumes) and his collection of coins (2594 items) were sold on public auctions. Among the coins were 287 silver coins from Roman Antiquity.


His widow married December 25, 1810, her assistent dispenser Julius August Christian von Berger, born April 3, 1779, in Mechlenburg, and died October 6, 1817, in Aalborg, and again March 1, 1822, her new assistent dispenser Sigurd Johnsen, born July 14, 1789 in Reykjavik, Iceland, and died December 10, 1828, in Aalborg. By their marriages they both became owner of the pharmacy.



8. Martin Rübner

He was born November 15, 1728, in Aalborg, and died August 15, 1781, in Flensburg. Apprecentice in his father's pharmacy, then dispenser for von Westen at the Lion Pharmacy in Flensburg. He passed the exam in pharmacolog at University of Copenhagen 1754. Hereafter he worked abroad for several years and was for one year an assistant dispenser in Bergen, Norway, before he returned to Flensburg and became owner of the Lion Pharmacy.




In 1764 he made a minor scandal by breaking his engagement to von Westen's daugther in order to marry Margaretha Nummensen, the daugther of the other chemist in Flensburg. They married August 3, 1764.


Margaretha Nummensen was born December 10, 1740, in Flensburg, and died Januar 1, 1810, in Flensburg. They had three children, the first of these born only five month after the wedding.


After his death she married February 21, 1783, her assistant despenser Friedrich Mechlenburg.


9. Christian Leonhard Rübner

He was born November 19, 1700, in Kolberg, Pommern (now Kolobrzeg in Poland) and died May 2, 1742, i Aalborg. The was an apprentice in the pharmacy in Dramberg 1712-1717, then worked in his uncle Leonhard Rübner's pharmacy in Kolberg (one year), in Schwedt (one year), in Fredericia, Denmark (one year), in Aarhus (one year) and Copenhagen (five years). 


After the death of chemist Christian Friedenreich December 4, 1726, he on January 1, 1727, became assistent dispenser for his 17 years old daugther

Magdalena Maria Friedenreich, who was born October 26, 1709 in Aalborg, and died March 1, 1778 in Aalborg.




They married November 19, 1727, and he then became the owner of the Swan Pharmacy. They got eight children, of which only four were able to live.


He established the present day's Duus Wine Pub ("Vinkälder"; only the ground floor) and visited his family in Kolberg in the winter of 1731-1732. His uncle Leonhard Rübner paid a return visit to Aalborg in the early Spring, 1733.


After his death his widow was married twice. First September 18, 1743, to her assistent dispenser Friedrich Christian Helms, born 1706 in Haderslev and died October 16, 1745, in Aalborg, and then November 23, 1746, to her assistent dispenser Nicolaus Poppe, born November 10, 1712 in Itzehoe, and died April 24, 1765, in Aalborg.


Hereafter she let her son Henrik Rübner, born February 24, 1732, and died December 10, 1798, manage the pharmacy. He had an exam in theology from Copenhagen University in 1753 and passed the exam in pharmacology 1765. After her death he inherited the pharmacy.



10. Martin Rübner

He was born June 26, 1663, in Uffenheim (Franken). Year and place of death unknown. He became a merchant in Kolberg, where his brother Leonhard Rübner, born 1661, died 1740, was a chemist.  


He was married to Dorothea Margaretha Rosenfeld from Landsberg.



11. Andreas Rübner

He was born February 11, 1662, in Uffenheim, and died November 7, 1687 in Uffenheim. He was  a shoemaker, school teacher and ecclesiastical clerk.


He married October 26, 1647, Susanna Steinmetz, born 1625 in Winsheim, and died March 18, 1696 in Uffenheim. They had eleven children.



12. Matthias (Matthäus) Rübner

He was born 1590 in Gissigheim and died May 5, 1658 in Uffenheim. He was a shoemaker first in Uttenheim, then in Uffenheim. In Uffenheim he was member of the city council, too.


He married 1613 Margaretha, born 1582 and died April 4, 1650, in Uffenheim. They had five children. 


After her death he married November 12, 1650, Margaretha, a widow of Kilian Wagner in Riesbronn.



13. Johann Georg Rübner (Rübener)

He was born 1562 at Kissingen and died 1627 at Sachsenhausen. Student at the University of Leipzig 1580 and at the University of Heidelberg from 1681. He passed the exam in theology in 1583.


He was chaplan to his father at Gissigheim 1583, hereafter vicar 1596-1621. During the religious wars he  was sacked by the Catholic bishop of Würzburg in 1612 and expelled from Gissigheim with the re-introduction of Catholicism. Vicar to Wenkheim 1613, but arrested by the bishop and imprisoned for fifteen weeks in Würzburg. After his release he was vicar to Sachenhausen near Werheim 1614-1627.


The name of his wife is unknown, but he seems to have at least four children.



14. Liborius Rübner (Rübener) 

He was born 1522 in Mühlhausen (Thüringen) and died 1596 in Gissigheim (Franken). Studies at the University of Erfurt 1544 and at the Univeristy of Wittenberg 1546.


Ludomagister (teacher) in Ladenberg 1551, then vicar to Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse 1551. He resigned when Calvinism was introduced in Churpfalz and was hereafter vicar to Gissigheim 1567-1596.


He was married to Katharina Herzog from Ellwangen, died before 1596.



15. Johannes Rübner (Rubener)

He was born about 1490. Baker in Mühlhausen and after the peasants' revolt member of the city council 1527-1565. 


The name of his wife is unknown, but he seems to have at least two sons.
























Eger (Cheb). Photos 2006









My mother with her parents, 1934






My father and I .                   My father July 24, 1942.

Summer, 1942                      Drawing by my mother














My grandparents with their six children. My father standing next to his father







Skärbäk Private School about 1950








Ringkloster, where my grand-grandmother was born





Jørgen Kr. L. Rübner Petersen and wife

Ottilia,née Tinghuus, with four children.

Left my grand-grandfather. Photo 1866






 Johanne's  stone. Photo 1968




Christian L. Rübner's Album 1791.

Formate 19,5 x 12,5 cm



Chr. L. Rübner with his wife Lucie, née Wissing, and their children Henrik and Johanne 1808




Chr. L. Rübner's stone

at Assistens Churchyard,

Aalborg, now demolished.

Photo 1968






Lion Pharmacy, Flensburg. Photo 1968





Christian L. Rübner's Album 1722. No entries before

1800, when it belongs to Margrethe Rübner,

a sister to Johanne. Formate 17 x 10,5 cm 




Jens Bang's Stenhus and pharmacy, Aalborg





A bottle from ab. 1735. Aquavita scabiosa,

e.g. alcohol to curing itching

and skin eruption




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Kolberg about 1730




Uffenheim about 1730







 Uffenheim. Photos 1968




Mühlhausen. Photo 2006