We are Church, Ireland, Demands Reform (2010)


American Catholic Council

Declaration For Reform and Renewal (2009)


Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?



Who divide the Church or The Catholic Crisis is a Crisis of Credibility


Qui divise l'Église?


żQuién Divide la Iglesia?



Troen af i gĺr

(The Faith of Yesterday. Reflexions on the Catholic Catechism). In Danish


Kors i skolerne

(Crucifixs in Public Shools)

November, 2009. In Danish



Pope Pius XII and ha shoah



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"After the Second Vatican Council [1962-1965] Catholics stopped living in their own counter-cultural world and started living in America."

                                         Jack Whelan, After the Future



"Keine Frieden unter den Nationen

  ohne Frieden unter den Religionen.


 Keine Frieden unter den Religionen

 ohne Dialog zwischen den Religionen.


 Kein Dialog zwischen den Religionen

 ohne Grundlagenforschung in den Religionen."

                                                         Hans Küng, Das Judentum



"The greatest obstacle to deeper reform within the Roman Catholic Curch is its patriarchal, monarchial structure."

                                                          Eugene C. Bianchi





The Vatican